another update:

i am no longer looking for a second writer, sorry. i apologise to everyone who wasted their time applying. a lot of the entries were really good but i feel like i want to keep this blog anonymous and i can’t do that fully if i have a second writer. sorry again.

hey guys, just a quick update to tell you all that i will no longer be accepting self harm related requests. before now, i was happy enough to write them as it’s not triggering for me and as long as i tagged them properly hopefully no one else would be triggered. but now i feel like a lot of the requests i’ve been getting are romanticizing the idea of self harm and i really don’t want to encourage that. i realize that some people may have requested self harm related imagines because they think that reading about their favourite fictional character comforting them or whatever will help and i do understand that but i think the most responsible thing for me to do is to just put a stop to all self harm requests - it’s sometimes difficult to judge who is actually seeking comfort and who is romanticizing the idea. i’m sorry if this upsets anyone in any way, if you want an imagine like that i’m afraid you’ll have to go elsewhere because from now on i will be deleting all requests relating to self harm.

Supernatural Imagine #18

finally a new imagine! it’s not my best, but at least it’s something, right? i don’t know if this went in exactly the direction that the requester wanted but hey ho. thank you to the requester for saying that my writing is amazing (although you might change your mind after this awful attempt at fulfilling your imagine request).



“Sam?” You sat up in bed, bleary eyed, searching in the darkness for the source of the noise that had woken you.

“Y/N! It’s okay, go back to sleep”, you heard Sam say. Your tired eyes found the source of his voice, his face illuminated by the light of the moon seeping through the gap in the curtains. He was fully dressed and appeared to be packing something into a large duffel bag.

“What’s going on?” you whispered, swinging your legs round to plant your feet on the floor and stand up beside the bed.

“Something came up,” Sam replied tersely, still chucking things into the duffel bag.


Sam paused momentarily. “Yeah, something. A hunt.” He walked closer to you to grab a knife from the cabinet on his side of the bed.

“Give me five minutes. I’m coming too,” you said, firmly.

He froze. “No.”

You stared at him and folded your arms. “No? I’m not a child, Sam, and I don’t appreciate being treated like one!”

“I’m not treating you like a child, but you can’t come, okay?” he said, zipping up the bag and turning to face you.

“Why the hell not? I think I’d be pretty useful out there! You and Dean get into all kinds of stupid situations – it’d probably be good for you to have a third person to bail you out!”

“This isn’t a game, Y/N, it’s a serious thing – a dangerous thing. And you’re not coming.”

You laughed incredulously. “I’m trying to be supportive here! Most people would freak out if their boyfriend got up in the middle of the night to go off with his brother and stab ghosts or whatever it is you do, and I’m standing here asking to go with you and you tell me I can’t come? What’s this about, are you trying to prove yourself or something?”

“It’s not like that!” Sam shouted explosively. “I’m trying to protect you!”

You turned round and began pulling clothes out of your closet, yelling at Sam over your shoulder. “Yeah, well. Maybe I don’t need protecting!”

“Y/N, please.” The tone of his voice softened immensely and you stopped frantically stuffing the pair of jeans that you were holding into your bag. You spun round, your anger dissolving at the sight of the pleading expression on his face.

“I’m not some kind of damsel in distress, you know,” you said quietly.

“I know. I know you’re not. But I don’t want you to get hurt. The stuff that Dean and I do is dangerous. I’ve lost people I love before. And I don’t want to lose you.”

“I’m less likely to get hurt if you educate me about the kind of stuff that you do instead of leaving me behind all the time.”

There were a few moments of silence, before Sam broke it.

“Okay.” he shrugged.


He walked around the end of the bed to come and stand in front of you. “Yeah, okay. You’re right. You can come. I’ll be in the car. I’ll see you in five minutes.”

You laughed. “Seriously? Just like that?”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re not gonna do any stabbing, okay. Just watching and learning.” He smirked, and you gave him a gentle punch on the arm. He laughed. “Now that weak ass punch has gotta be fixed if you’re gonna be a hunter.”

You punched him again. “Don’t patronise me, Sam Winchester. I’ll be ready in five minutes.”

ugh it seems like i’m posting more apologetic text posts than imagines but yeah im really truly sorry that i havent posted anything in ages. i’ve considered deactivating this blog and i’ve considered turning it into a general writing blog and i’ve considered getting a second writer but the truth is i have no idea what i want to do…i’ve tried writing some new imagines but they all just seem really bad to me so i end up deleting them. i might do a 50 word challenge or start writing drabbles or something to try and get back into the habit of good writing but at the moment im just too busy to do anything…as well as this blog i also have a main blog and a sideblog that need updating and i also make tumblr themes and i also have a twitter account which needs to be updated and of course i have school and work and life and stuff. so yeah. basically, i have no idea what im doing and im sorry but please bear with me because i should be back writing at some point in the future. thank you to everyone who has followed me/liked/reblogged my imagines so far!!

Anonymous asked: How did you changed in theme where it says "message" to request an imagine"? It would help very much, thank you!

okay you have to go into the html coding for this so i’ve made a crappy tutorial complete with crappy screenshots!!

go to ‘customize’, then ‘edit html’ and all the code stuff will appear.

use keyboard shortcut Ctrl and F. a box will appear at the top like this:


you need to search for ‘message’ so just type it into the search bar and lo and behold it will show you the section where you can change it:


delete ‘message’ (DON’T DELETE ANYTHING ELSE!! JUST THE WORD ‘MESSAGE’!!) and replace it with ‘request an imagine’ (or whatever other thing you want to put):


then update preview, save and exit and boom! you’re done! i hope i helped!

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10thdoctors-companion asked: I just wanted to say that for your second writer questionnaire thing, I'd advise making the imagine request a little more general, as self-harm is a sensitive, sometimes triggering topic that not many people are comfortable writing about. Just a suggestion, and of course it's your blog, but I thought you might take it into consideration. Also I really like this blog and I think all your imagines are really well written! You just gained a new follower :3

i understand that it might be triggering, but a lot of the requests that i get are to do with triggering topics (e.g. eating disorders and self harm) so in order to see who is comfortable with stuff like that i felt that i had to make the request like that, sorry. i believe that i tagged it with tw:self harm so hopefully it shouldn’t have triggered anyone, but i get what you’re trying to say. thank you for the follow!

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it’s a double promo this time! supernaturalimagining and whispersofwinchesters are two new imagine blogs who are taking requests and the imagines i’ve seen so far on their blogs are really good so you should go and check them out!

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Supernatural imagine #17

as promised, a new imagine, just in time for the end of the week! This was fun to write, I didn’t do a brilliant job of it but it was a really funny idea so thank you, dear anon, for the good request.


‘Y/N! Can you come in here for a sec?’ The sound of Sam’s voice calling from the kitchen jolted you back into reality. Couldn’t a girl get any peace and quiet around here? You were in the mood for a bit of ‘alone time’ but clearly the boys were incapable of functioning without you. Sighing, you minimised the browser window and dumped your laptop onto the desk before leaving to find out what Sam wanted, making sure to lock your bedroom door behind you.

*later that evening*

‘Shit!’ You swore loudly as Cas suddenly appeared beside you on the sofa. ‘Dammit, Cas, you’ve gotta stop popping up without warning! You’ll give someone a heart attack!’

He turned his head and looked at you, a strange look in his piercing blue eyes. ‘Sorry,’ he replied, simply. You stared at each other in silence for a few moments, and you suddenly found yourself wondering what he would do if you leaned forward and kissed him.

‘Right. Well. What’s up?’ you asked him, in an attempt to make the situation less awkward.

‘I…’ Cas began speaking, but trailed off, unspoken words hanging off his lips.

‘Cas?’ You were intrigued now. Cas didn’t say much, but if he wanted to say something, he didn’t hold back. The way he was speaking made the whole situation kind of suspicious.

‘I want you to fuck me,’ he stated, in a deep, gravelly voice.

You choked. ‘What?!’ you spluttered, not sure whether to laugh or scream or even, god forbid it, be slightly aroused.

‘I want you to…’ Cas screwed up his nose as though he were concentrating hard on something. ‘I want you to take my load in your pussy.’

This time, you lost it. The sound of Cas saying such crude words in his funny deep voice, completely devoid of emotion, was absolutely hilarious.

‘Y/N?’ Cas said. You were laughing so hard that you couldn’t breathe, let alone tell him what was so funny.

Several moments later, you pulled yourself together and managed to look him in the eyes without cracking up.

‘What was all that about?’ you asked him, still breathless from laughing.

‘I…’ Cas looked down at his hands, which were clasped in his lap. ‘I was looking for you. I went into your room, at first. And, uh, well…’

Suddenly, you remembered the website you’d left open on your laptop when you’d gone to help Sam earlier that day.

‘Oh my god,’ you whispered, the blood draining from your face, ‘you read that?!’

‘I was curious.’

‘Oh god.’ You put your head in your hands. You’d never been so embarrassed in your whole life.

‘Y/N? I’m sorry if I caused you any offence. I merely intended to…well, I wanted to tell you something. It appears I have failed to communicate it in an effective manner.’

You peeked out from between your fingers. ‘What? You wanted to tell me something? And you thought you’d be able to communicate it through reciting pornographic literature to me?’ You started laughing again, despite your embarrassment.

‘Yes. I…’

‘Well what on earth were you trying to say?’ you interrupted, your laughter subsiding, and in its place, a feeling of anxiety creeping into your heart.

‘Uh, Y/N, I don’t really know how to say this.’ You held your breath. ‘The thing is…I have feelings for you. Human feelings. Feelings of attraction. Romance. However you may choose to describe it.’

‘Oh.’ You were lost for words. You stared hard at your feet, terrified that if you looked at Cas for even one second you’d completely take leave of your senses and throw your arms around him and tell him that you felt the same way. ‘Well.’ Your voice sounded unexpectedly strained.

‘I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. If you’d like me to leave-‘

‘No!’ you said, a little too quickly. You sighed and smiled to yourself, even though you were feeling a thousand different emotions at once and you weren’t entirely sure whether they were predominantly good ones or not. ‘No, Cas,’ you said, in a calmer voice, ‘you can stay.’ Taking a deep breath, you lifted your gaze up from the floor so that you could look into his eyes. ‘I feel the same way. About you, I mean. The whole…romance…thing. Yeah. So.’

And before you could embarrass yourself any more, Cas leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours, in a kiss that was so gentle that you wondered if he was even touching you at all. But as his arms wrapped around you and the pressure of his lips on yours intensified, you realised that you weren’t dreaming. This was real. You and Cas. Who would’ve ever thought that you’d end up here?

oh god i haven’t uploaded anything in weeks but just to let you all know i am still alive i’ve just been really busy with school, way busier than i thought i would be. i’ll try to write something this week so watch this space! oh and i havent forgotten the second writer situation, ive just been too busy to sort it out, but if you have applied don’t worry i did get your submission and i am going to look at them all soon!


okay this might sound really stupid and selfish but i’ve decided to stop doing requests in the order that i receive them. prior to now i’ve been doing them on a first come first served basis but it’s getting really difficult. i feel like i have to be in a certain mood to write certain imagines, so for example if the oldest request is a smut one and i’m not feeling it, then i’ll just put it off for a long time. and sometimes i feel inspired to write something that’s a newer request but i can’t because i’ve said that i do them in the order i get them. so now i’m changing that - i will now be doing requests in whatever order i feel like doing them, that may sound selfish BUT it should mean that i upload more frequently because i won’t get stuck on a specific request because i can just pick another one. okay this probably didn’t make any sense at all but just be aware that just because you requested something before someone else, it doesn’t mean i’ll write it first. sorry!


winchester-imagines is a new imagines blog, they’ve only written one imagine but it’s really really good and you should all go and follow them and request things!

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Okay so this is the official questionnaire-type thing for anyone who wants to be my second writer. You just have to copy and paste all this text into my submit box and submit it as a text post! I feel really mean making this but it’s the best way to find someone good to be my second writer. When I’ve read all the questionnaires I’ll contact you via ask to tell you if I’m interested or not. If I pick you then you’ll need to be willing to give me your email address so I can add you as a member of this blog. There’s no deadline for this because I know people are busy, but please try and submit it as soon as possible. Thank you SO much for taking the time to do this because having a second writer will really help me keep this blog more active.

Here are the questions. Most of them are just yes/no answers but you can obviously explain them a bit as well. Type your answer after the colon please!

1)Roughly how many hours a week would you be able to spend writing? (this is just so I get an idea of how often you’ll be able to upload things)



2)Have you ever written imagines before?



3)Is English your first language? (I’m not being racist here I just want to know if you have a good grasp of English grammar)



4)How many seasons of Supernatural have you watched?



5)Are you comfortable with writing smut?




Okay now that bit’s over: here is an imagine request, now you write an imagine! It’s quite vague so it can be interpreted in a few different ways and it can be as long or as short as you want. This is the most important bit of the questionnaire because this is where I judge how well you write!!!

Request: Cas finds out that Y/N is self harming.



okay firstly: i’m sorry for the lack of imagines, i’ve been busy with school stuff so i haven’t had time.

and secondly: in terms of the second writer situation, i’m going to create a questionnaire type thing to judge who i want to be my second writer. you’ll just have to say stuff like when you’ll be available, are you comfortable writing smut, etc etc, and i’ll also include an imagine prompt that you will have to use to write your own imagine. when you’ve completed it you can submit it to me. i will send this questionnaire to everyone who has expressed an interest in becoming a second writer but i will also publish it as a text post so that if anyone else wants to have a go then they can. i’m off to draft the questionnaire thingy right now so more details will follow!

Supernatural imagine #16

i have no idea how long it’s been since i last uploaded an imagine but anyway here’s a new one! it’s smut, and most of you will know that i’m not very good at that but i did it anyway. i combined three requests because they were all similar and i’ve adapted it slightly from what was originally requested. but yeah, enjoy my lame attempt at a smut imagine.


You stormed into the motel room, chucking your bag onto one of the beds, where it landed with a loud thud. You heard Sam and Dean come in behind you, their footsteps slow and cautious on the wooden floor.

“Look, Y/N, don’t be mad-“ you heard Dean begin to say.

Don’t be mad?” You spun round, furious. “Don’t you dare fucking tell me to not be mad! You just interrupted my fucking hunt and dragged me here like a fucking child!” you yelled.

“We were trying to help you!” he shouted back. “If you weren’t so blinded by this crazy desire to prove yourself or whatever, then you might be able to see that!”

Before you could hurl a rude insult back at him, Sam cut in. “I think we all need to calm down, okay? Y/N, I’m sorry that we messed up your hunt. But there’s nothing we can do about it now. So let’s just relax. How about I go out and get us some food and beer and we can all just sit and watch crappy telly together like we used to, yeah?”

Dean opened his mouth to protest but you glared at him, before turning towards Sam and smiling calmly. “That sounds good thanks, Sam.” You saw Dean mimic you from out of the corner of your eye but you didn’t give him the satisfaction of another death glare. Sam returned your smile before walking back out of the motel door to go and get what he’d promised.

Thanks, Sam!Dean said in a high pitched voice. “Jeez, Y/N, anyone would think that you’re making eyes at my brother.”

“Maybe I am,” you retorted. Flirting with Sam wasn’t your intention, but you knew it annoyed Dean – and that was very much what you intended to do.

“Oh, you’ve got a crush on little Sammy? How adorable!” Dean teased as he moved closer to you.

You turned to face him. “Shut up.”

“Make me.”

You were both silent for a moment, then Dean stepped forward until you were so close to him that you could feel his breath tickling your face. Before you knew it, he had grabbed you and was kissing you hard, tugging your lips gently between his teeth as your mouths smashed together desperately.

Breathless, he pulled away. “How’s that?” he smirked, his face close to yours. You didn’t even respond, instead you just pulled him closer to you and kissed him again.

You didn’t waste any time in getting your clothes off. You both knew exactly where this was going. Stumbling across the room in a messy trail of torn-off clothing, you made your way over to the nearest bed, where Dean threw you down and you landed, giggling breathlessly, on your back. He stood over where you lay naked on the bed, and he slowly, carefully, pulled off his underwear while you lay back, biting your lip. In moments, he was positioned on top of you, his lips brushing over your breasts, his soft touches hardening your nipples.

Unable to bear it any longer, you pulled him close and rolled over so that you were on top of him. He laughed as you straddled him. “Too much to bear, was it?” he smirked.

“Just shut up,” you replied, sitting on top of him and sliding his dick inside you. Dean’s laughter gave way to soft moaning as you rode him slowly, running your hands up and down his chest.

“Fuck…” he moaned, “oh god, Y/N…” His hands gripped the sheets as your movements got faster and faster.

Your cries became louder as Dean started grinding into you, moving in time with your thrusts as you rode his dick. “Dean…right there…”. The bed creaked as you fucked each other furiously, but it was drowned out by your moans of pleasure. Dean reached up a hand and began fingering you gently as you rode him.

That was it. With a loud cry, you climaxed, arching your back as your own orgasm sent Dean over the edge and he came inside you. You threw yourself onto the bed next to him, breathing heavily.

“Fuck.” Dean said, still out of breath.

You laughed. “I know what you mean.”

He turned his face to the side to look at you. “I’m seeing you in a whole new light, Y/N,” he smirked.

“Well Sam will be seeing both of us in a whole new light if we don’t get up and get dressed soon!” you said, grinning, before sitting up and reaching for your shirt that had been discarded on the floor. You could feel his gaze burning into your back, and you secretly hoped that this wouldn’t be the last time that you and Dean had an argument.

Supernatural imagine #15

i finally finished a new imagine! it’s been a whole month since the last one, but i’m back now! oh, and a quick update on the second writer situation: a few people have expressed an interest so some time soon I will be organising a way of picking someone (i’ll probably get you to write an imagine for me so i can see how well you write). in the meantime, if you want to be my second writer then you can still message me and i’ll add you to my list!

anyway, here’s the imagine. it’s not great but at least it’s something, i’m sorry for being so inactive recently!



“Okay. Y/N, Sam, take the back door. Cas, you’re with me,” Dean whispered, “there’s two of those sons of bitches acting as guard dogs round the front, but they’ll be easy to take out. The back should be clear.”

“Sounds good. We’ll meet you inside.” Sam replied, slowly rising from where you were all crouched behind a large hedge. You stood up with him, scanning the area around you for any possible danger. In the distance, you see the two guys that Dean was talking about patrolling the main door to the warehouse. They’re miles away.

“Come on,” Sam tugged gently on your arm and you both crept out from behind the hedge, making a dash for cover behind the large fence that surrounded the perimeter of the area.

“Stay behind me,” Sam whispered. You opened your mouth to protest that you could look after yourself, thanks very much, but decided against it. Sam had always been an overprotective boyfriend and you’d kind of learned to just put up with it.

You made your way quickly along the fence and broke into the gate round the back. Sam carefully walked through the gate, holding out his knife and looking around. “It’s clear,” he called quietly, and you followed him. The back door to the warehouse was just metres away, and you both ran towards it.

As you’d expected, it was locked. You raised your eyebrows at Sam. “Do we pick it or just bust it open?”

He grinned and slammed his shoulder into the ancient door, which burst open, the broken lock flying past you. You rolled your eyes.

“I’ll go ahead and check if the coast is clear,” you said, stepping towards the door. Sam grabbed your arm and pulled you back.

“No, I’ll do that,” he said firmly, standing in front of you and barring the door.

“I can take care of myself, Sam!” you hissed, shoving him out of the way a bit harder than you’d intended to. He seemed taken aback by your sudden display of violence, and you suddenly felt bad. He was only trying to protect you.

“Look, I’m sorry for shoving you. I’m just getting tired of you being the typical overprotective boyfriend all the time. I need you to let me do things myself,” you explained quietly.

Sam sighed. “I guess you’re right. And I know I can’t get you to change your mind once you’ve decided to do something.” He stepped aside, leaving the door clear. “Go on. But be careful!”

You smiled at him before darting inside, holding your knife aloft. Your footsteps echoed through the damp corridor. As you walked further down, away from the door, it began to get dark. You fumbled for the flashlight that was clipped to your belt. Damn. It wasn’t there. You began rifling through your pockets, even bending down to check if you’d slipped it inside one of your boots. That’s when you felt something hard slam into your back, and the darkness enveloped you.

“Y/N! Y/N! Are you okay?” You heard Sam’s muffled voice. He sounded so far away.

You felt yourself being lifted onto your feet from where you were lying on the floor, in a sudden jerking motion as though you were a puppet on a string.

“Oh Sam. I don’t think this is Y/N anymore.” You heard yourself say. What the hell? As you became aware of the thick sensation coursing through your body, like it was trying to stop you breathing, a horrible realisation formed among your blurry thoughts.

Sam’s voice grew menacing. “Get out of her, now, or I’ll send you straight back to hell.”

You laughed. But it wasn’t your laugh. “What are you going to do, Sam? Your big brother and his precious angel are far away, and your little girlfriend is…well, she’s a bit tied up right now,” you heard yourself say in a shrill, mocking voice that echoed through the damp corridor.

Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas…” White hot pain shot through your entire body and you tried to scream, but the sound that came out didn’t belong to you.

“Omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio…” More pain hit, pressing against every atom of your body, burning every inch of you. Then suddenly, a sense of release, a distant cry, and hurried footsteps, getting clearer and clearer. You were free.

Tentatively, you opened your eyes. All you could see was the mouldy ceiling of the dank warehouse.

“Y/N! Are you all right?” You barely had time to register the fact that Sam was holding you upright before you passed out.


[Later that night, in a motel]

“Y/N?” From across the other side of the bed, you heard Sam whisper to you. “Are you awake?”

Groaning, you rolled over to face him. “I am now.”

He looked worried, his eyebrows furrowed together as his eyes searched your face. “Do you want to talk? About…what happened?”

Your heart sank a little bit, and it must’ve shown on your face, because Sam started quickly trying to reassure you. “Oh, we don’t have to talk about it, I mean, we can forget about it if you want. Forget I said anything, I didn’t want to upset you I just-” You cut him off with a brief kiss.

“It’s okay, Sam. But can we talk about it in the morning?” You smiled at him. He relaxed a little bit.

“Yeah, okay.” He wrapped one arm around you and you wriggled closer to his chest, breathing in his familiar smell. You closed your eyes and tried to let the steady sound of yours and Sam’s heartbeats lull you to sleep. Moments later, the near-silence was broken by Sam’s voice.


“What?” you said, sleepily.

“I love you,” he whispered.

You sighed. “I love you too, you idiot. Now go to sleep!”